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  1. Is it ok to sin now that we are under grace?
  2. What is sin and how do we know if we have sinned?
  3. Did the New Covenant do away with the Commandments?
  4. What about the Fourth Commandment should we keep it?
  5. Does Romans 14:5 release us from keeping the Sabbath?
  6. Who are the saints mentioned in the Book of Revelation?
  7. Which day did the Messiah rise on, Saturday or Sunday?
  8. What is Easter Sunday if Messiah did not rise on Sunday?
  9. What about Christmas, was Messiah really born Christmas?
  10. How do I celebrate the life of Messiah without Christmas?
  11. Should I stop observing all of those pagan holy days now?
  12. If I give up those pagan holy days, what can I celebrate?
  13. I thought that the seven feasts were just for the Jews?
  14. What is the purpose of celebrating the seven feasts?
  15. How does the calender in Scripture differ from mine?
  16. Why is the Scripture you use so different than mine?
  17. Who were the the very first believers in the Messiah?
  18. How does Nazarene Judaism differ from Christianity?
  19. Are Nazarene Jews part of the Ephraimite movement?
  20. Is Nazarene Judaism the same as Messianic Judaism?
  21. Do Nazarene Jews eat Kosher food and follow Talmud?
  22. If I wasn't born a Jew can I become a Nazarene Jew?
  23. What's the difference from a Nazarene and Nazarite?
  24. Can you explain more about the Nazarite Priesthood?
  25. If Messiah was a Nazarite why did He drink wine?


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