Are Nazarene Jews part of the Ephraimite movement?

Absolutely not, while Nazarene Jews are in no way opposed this awesome event that is currently taking place of regathering all of the tribes of Israel, Nazarene Judaism is not part of the so called "Ephraimite" or "Two House" movement sometimes called "Nazarene Yisrael" and should not be confused with Nazarene Judaism.

Unfortunately many groups and individuals affiliated or involved in the Ephraimite or Two House movement are riding on the coat tails of Nazarene Judaism. Some claim to be Nazarenes but are not, the Nazarenes are sect of Judaism yet these imposters do not concider themselves to be Jewish and they are pushing new doctrines that are completely foreign to the Ancient Jewish Sect of the Nazarenes.

There is no doubt that Yah, the mighty El of Israel will gather all of the tribes of Israel both the northern and southern tribes and bring them back into the land of Israel during the last days. But the simple fact is that believers are not given this role and Nazarenes choose to stay focused on the things that are important demonstrated through the life of the Messiah and the Apostles.

Although the Ephraimite or Two House movement sounds warm and fuzzy and sounds like an idea based on Scripture at first, the movement and the teachings are not firmly rooted in Scripture. Although those that are part of this movement have good intensions, it seems as though they have lost focus. The movement of believers of the Messiah attempting to unite the tribes of Israel is not demonstrated by the Messiah or any of the Apostles anywhere in Scripture.

The Ephraimite or Two House movement has some other problems to deal with as well. Many claim that Europeans are descendants of the northern tribes. Nothing could be further from the truth as the Israeli government has already located most of the northern tribes and is currently in the process of bring them back into the land of Israel. These tribes were never lost, they have always known who they were and have always practiced Judaism from generation to generation. They have not been assimilated into other cultures, they have kept to themselves keeping their bloodline pure.

To learn more about the true northern tribes I highly recommend watching the A&E video documentary titled "Quest for the Lost Tribes" which is available from our online store. If you are part of the Ephraimite movement as I once was, I beg you to spend a couple dollars on this video and search out the truth, just click one of the links below.



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