How does Nazarene Judaism differ from Christianity?

Nazarene Judaism is a pure form of Messianic Judaism, absent from all man-made doctrine, not unlike Karaite Judaism except Nazarene Jews beleive that the Messiah has already come. Before the Messiah tabernacled among us the one true faith in Yah was called Judaism. The Jewish faith believes that their would be a Messiah as the prophets had said. Nazarene Jews are Jews that believe that the Messiah has already come as Y'shua of Nazareth.

Christianity on the other hand is for the most part a hybrid of the Jewish faith and paganism, especially practices rooted in pagan sun worship. Everything from worshiping on the day of the Sun (Sun-Day) instead of the day of the Son (Sabbath) to observing pagan holy days like Ishtar (Easter) and the birthday of Tamuz (Christmas) instead of the Messianic Feasts given to us by Elohim Christians believe in other strange doctrines not based on Scripture such as: Palm Sun-Day, Sun-Day Resurrection, Sun-Day Sabbath, Secret Rapture, Trinity, and even an Everlasting Torment.

Nowhere in the Scriptures are we instructed as believers to abandon the one true faith given to us by Elohim when the Messiah comes and start a whole new religion. The Scripture is very clear about this matter, even calling it an abomination to worship our Creator in any way other than how He said to worship Him. Lets go to the Scripture to see what He says about adding or taking away from the faith, especially when incorporating practices of other religions into it.

All the words I am commanding you, guard to do it -- do not add to it nor take away from it. (ISR Debarim 12:32)

Unfortunately these passages are in the Tanach (Old Testament) and it is often a "Christian" practice to discount anything in these books if it conflicts with their new religion, they do this by saying "that is old testament" although, they often do not hesitate to use "old testament" if they happened to like what it says like when collecting tithes. The truth is that the Christian religion is a very different practice than the Jewish faith of the Apostles and early believers.


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